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Rudiments is covered by the GNU LGPL 2 and is thus generally free to use and distribute, by itself, as part of a free software project, as part of a commercial system, or otherwise.

Distribution of Modified Versions

The LGPL license requires that if a modified version of software covered by that license is distributed, then the modified version, including source code must also be released under the same license.

Contributed Code

Patches and other contributions are welcome. No copyright assignment or other assignment of interest is required.

For questions, please contact licensing@firstworks.com.

Note that the information above is provided for reference only and shall not be considered authoritative. Please refer to the file COPYING at the root of the source or binary
distribution of each version of SQL Relay or the file LICENSE at the root of the binary distribution of each version of the SQL Relay Enterprise Modules for authoritative license details.

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