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environment Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * getValue (const char *variable)
static bool setValue (const char *variable, const char *value)
static bool remove (const char *variable)
static const char *const * variables ()
static bool clear ()
static void setMutex (threadmutex *mtx)

Detailed Description

The environment class provides static methods for accessing and manipulating environment variables.

Member Function Documentation

◆ clear()

static bool environment::clear ( )

Clears the environment of all name-value pairs. After calling this, variables() will return NULL.

◆ getValue()

static const char* environment::getValue ( const char *  variable)

Returns the value of "variable".

◆ remove()

static bool environment::remove ( const char *  variable)

Removes "variable" from the environment.

◆ setMutex()

static void environment::setMutex ( threadmutex mtx)

Allows you to supply a mutex if the class needs it. If your application is not multithreaded, then there is no need to supply a mutex.

◆ setValue()

static bool environment::setValue ( const char *  variable,
const char *  value 

Sets the value of "variable" to "value", overwriting any value that "variable" previously had. Returns true on success and false on failure.

◆ variables()

static const char* const* environment::variables ( )

Returns a NULL terminated list of all environment variables. Each entry in the list is of the form NAME=VALUE.